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Robotic Programming




2 Weeks

About the Course

The Robotic Programming program at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp is tailored for participants eager to explore the intricacies of programming, with a specific focus on Java as a language for robotics applications. Designed as an immersive experience, this program is led by experienced instructors who guide participants through the fundamentals of programming logic, emphasizing the versatility and power of Java in the context of robotics.

Throughout the program, participants engage in hands-on exercises and real-world applications that reinforce programming concepts. From mastering the syntax and structure of Java to developing advanced algorithms and problem-solving strategies, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of programming principles. The camp encourages creative expression through projects ranging from fundamental coding exercises to complex robotic maneuvers, allowing participants to apply their newfound skills in practical and meaningful ways. The Robotic Programming camp at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp not only equips participants with valuable programming skills but also instills a mindset of innovation, critical thinking, and adaptability, positioning them for success in the dynamic field of robotics and software development.

Camp Counselor

Marcus Harris

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Marcus Harris
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