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We are back!

Learn more About Us!

Welcome to Middleton Robotics, a robotics team based in Tampa, Florida. Our team is made up of dedicated high school students who are passionate about robotics and STEM education. We are proud to represent Middleton High School in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international competition that challenges students to design, build, and program robots to compete in various tasks.

Our team was founded in 2010, and since then, we have been committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, and we work together to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, which allows us to tackle complex problems from multiple angles.

In addition to our robotics work, we are also committed to giving back to our community. We participate in various outreach programs, including volunteering at local events and teaching robotics to younger students. We believe that STEM education is crucial for the future, and we are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging young people to pursue their interests in these fields.

At Middleton Robotics, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be better and achieve more. Our hard work and dedication have earned us numerous awards and recognition, including multiple regional championships and appearances at the world championships. We are excited to continue our work and make a positive impact in the world of robotics and beyond. Thank you for your support!

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