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Digital Electronics




1 Weeks

About the Course

The Digital Electronics program at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp is a dynamic exploration of digital circuitry and electronics, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of these fundamental elements in the realm of robotics. Tailored for those intrigued by the inner workings of electronic systems, the program, led by experienced instructors, delves into key principles such as logic gates, binary systems, and integrated circuits.

Participants engage in hands-on learning experiences, applying theoretical knowledge to practical projects that span from basic circuit design to more complex electronic applications. The program not only equips participants with essential skills in digital electronics but also introduces them to programming microcontrollers, enabling them to integrate digital components seamlessly into robotic systems. This immersive approach fosters a deeper comprehension of electronic functionalities and cultivates problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and a robust foundation for further exploration in the field. The Digital Electronics camp at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp is crafted to inspire participants to navigate the intricate world of electronics with confidence, laying the groundwork for future innovations in robotics technology.

Camp Counselor


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