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Beginner Robotics




1 Weeks

About the Course

The Beginner Robotics program at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp serves as an accessible gateway into the fascinating realm of robotics, utilizing the EV3 Lego Robotics platform. Participants embark on an engaging hands-on journey where they familiarize themselves with the foundational principles of robotics and programming. Expertly guided by experienced instructors, the camp places a special focus on the interactive nature of the EV3 Lego Robotics system, allowing participants to construct, program, and animate their robots in a creative and accessible manner.

Throughout the program, participants delve into the basics of robotics, encompassing sensor integration, motor control, and programming logic through the intuitive EV3 software. The emphasis on practical application encourages participants to design and tackle challenges that reinforce their understanding of robotics concepts. The Beginner Robotics camp at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp not only equips participants with essential technical skills but also cultivates problem-solving abilities and teamwork in a supportive environment. This program is thoughtfully designed to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for robotics, establishing a solid foundation for continued exploration and learning in the field.

Camp Counselor


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