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Intermediate Robotics




1 Weeks

About the Course

The Intermediate Robotics program at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp offers an engaging progression for participants, diving deeper into the world of robotics, with a focus on the VEX Robotics platform. This program builds on the foundational knowledge acquired in the Beginner Robotics camp, challenging participants to elevate their skills in robot design, programming, and problem-solving. Guided by experienced instructors, the camp introduces participants to the versatility and complexity of the VEX Robotics system, allowing them to tackle more advanced challenges.

Throughout the program, participants explore intricate aspects of robotics, including advanced sensor integration, complex programming logic, and sophisticated mechanical design using the VEX platform. The hands-on approach encourages participants to conceptualize and construct robots capable of navigating intricate tasks and competitions. The Intermediate Robotics camp at Middleton Robotics Summer Camp not only enhances technical proficiency but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork in a supportive learning environment. This program is tailored to inspire participants to take their robotics skills to new heights, preparing them for more advanced challenges in the field.

Camp Counselor


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